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Product & Applications:-

Cement concrete tiles and paving blocks are precast solid products made out of cement concrete. The product can be made in various shapes and sizes as per the requirement. These blocks are generally interlocking type and are mostly adopted for paving open surface to facilitate easy movement and for convenience in walking. Paving the walk ways with such blocks besides providing convenience of walking adds to the beautification of the area.

Industry Profile and Market Assessment:-

Construction industry and development of infrastructure facilities are a priority at present and government has laid a lot of emphasis on the same. Providing housing to one and all is also a priority. Besides government initiative in construction of houses private sector builders are also very actively involved in different housing projects. All these activities call for landscaping provision of garden path for the area and provision for paved foot paths. Even otherwise pavement, Bus stops carriage ways also require paved paths. All these necessarily need cement concrete blocks/Tiles. Such concrete blocks are also used inside factories and residential complexes for paving the approach roads. This paving prevents water accumulation in the region and avoids formation of slosh mud pools there by maintaining the cleanliness of the area and its beauty. The demand for such blocks and tiles is generally from urban and semi urban areas as such the unit manufacturing the product should be accordingly located. The demand for such products depends on the growth of economy and rate of urbanization. With massive urbanization work taken up by the government and providing better facilities to population the demand for these concrete products is bound to grow.

Manufacturing Process:-

The process of manufacturing is simple and standardized. Cement concrete is a mixture of cement, sand and stone chips in correct proportions. The items are mixed in water and churned thoroughly in a concrete mixture. The process involves proportioning, Mixing, Compacting, Curing & Drying. A concrete mix of 1:2:4 :: cement: sand: stone chips by volume are used for making paving blocks.
All the items of raw material are placed in the concrete mixer and water added. The mixer is then rotated for 15-20 minutes. The mixed material is then discharged on to the moulds. Care is taken that the mixture does not dry. Vibrators are employed during the process of pouring the mix so as to ensure that it sets well and is compact there is no porosity. After compacting the blocks are demoulded and allowed to dry for 24 hours away from direct sun. The blocks thus hardened are cured with water to permit moisturisation or settling of cement for next 20 days. The water in the curing tanks is generally changed every 3 days. After being cured the blocks are allowed to dry in shade so that initial shrinkage of the blocks is complete before they are used. This generally takes 15 days.
The production capacity envisaged is 1000 blocks per day on single shift basis for 353 days.
(it can be increased based on user demand)


Benefits of “Concrete and Paver Tiles
• Available Different Grades, M-20, M-25, M-30( As per the need of client)
• Low cost
• Unlimited Paver styles & colors
• Custom designs as per Client’s Requirements
• Easy installation
• Maintenance Free
• Superior physical characteristics DURABILITY
• 50 year + life expectancy
• No cracking
• 4 times stronger than poured concrete
• Withstands freeze-thaw conditions
• Pavers are a flexible system and allow for movement

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